Перевод Маленькой жизни Стюарта Кельвина Забужко на английский


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Minor Life of Stuart Calvin Zaburzko Hi! My name is Stuart Calvin Zaburzko. My age is nine years. This is my real name and my real age. My story is real authentic story. Truthfulness of all facts is confirmed by Real Security Alliance company….

Этот перевод был сделан полтора года назад и не имел резонанса.
Константин Анатольевич его видел и не возражал против его существования.

I am happy to present to you an translation of this novel from Russian.

Its author, Mikhail Kharitonov, is a pen name of Konstantin Krylov. Konstantin is a prominent figure in Russian nationalism and leader of People’s Democratic Party — NDP. The piece was written in 2003.

As a rule you do not translate from your native language into foreign, but this novel was written as a machine translation into English, providing me with this unique opportunity.

Please mind that this translation is in beta testing phase. Comments, questions and corrections are very welcome. The text is supposed to sound funny while still being an enjoyable read. If you find yourself struggling at some point of this text, please notify me.